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You’ll Need More Than “The Luck Of The Irish” If You Don’t Have Car Insurance

insuranceSome may look at car insurance as another expense to add to their monthly bills. Despite it being a law in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, some still don’t realize the importance of having proper coverage, if any at all. Not to worry, our Insurance Architects did some digging to help you understand the benefits of having car insurance and the consequences if you do not.

What it protects.

Protects yourself and others. In an event that you are responsible for injury or damages related to an auto accident, auto insurance can provide coverage for medical bills, repair cost and other associated expenses.
Protects your vehicle. Having auto insurance can provide you with coverage to repair your own vehicle.
Protects your license. If you don’t have auto insurance you can lose your license.
Protects your wallet. If you don’t have auto insurance it could result in major fines and you will also be responsible for repairs and medical expenses in an accident if you are at fault.

What it costs.

  • The First 30 Days with out auto insurance is $150.00 fine
  • Everyday after 30 days is $7.00 a day
  • 3 Months =$570.00
  • 6 months=$1,200.00
  • 1 Full year= $2460.00
  • An average auto policy cost about $1848.00 a year (less for good driving records and credit score).

What are the consequences?

  • License plates revoked along with vehicle registration
  • Restoration fee of up to $25.00 for vehicle registration
  • Prohibition from getting any future vehicle registered until all violations are cleared up
  • Fine up to $1,000.00 and/or one year imprisonment for providing false evidence of insurance.On average, about 16% of drivers on the road today are uninsured. So, out of the 250 million drivers on the road today about 40 million are uninsured. In MD, VA and DE roughly 10,360,924 are licensed drivers leaving 1,657,747 of those falling under the uninsured category. In those 3 states over 1.5 million people are driving around without insurance putting you and your family at risk. If you are one of those uninsured drivers it’s never too late to get an inexpensive auto policy in a matter of moments.

    We all work hard to ensure we are spending those dollars wisely but sometimes it is more than just getting the cheapest insurance. Sometimes it’s about recognizing the dangers in the world and making sure you have a contingency plan even if the accident wasn’t your fault. Having proper coverage in the event you get in an accident with an uninsured motorist ensures your car, family and financial future are taken care of.

    Contact one of our Insurance Architects today to review your current auto policy and receive the best recommendations to help you save money and ensure what matters most.