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What Is Event Insurance, And When Would I Need It?

Event Insurance Ensures

An Awesome Party!

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It’s party time! Right? Wrong – unless you’ve got adequate insurance to cover your special event. Because that’s just what it is; special. If you’re throwing a wedding, an anniversary, a business luncheon, a neighborhood cocktail party – you want it to be fun, no-nonsense, and definitely no risk. So how do you secure your special event, and ensure that no circumstantial mishaps, mistakes or heavy duty drinking disasters fall on you or anyone involved? Easy. You get event insurance, and you cover yourself, your purchases, and your guests before any worse case scenario instances strike.

General liability

This coverage protects you from the more serious facets, like bodily injury and property damage, but events bring with them all different kinds of people, atmospheres and un-intended accidents. It’s important that you do what’s right, and protect the venue, the vendors and the guests from any not-so-fun surprises. Especially if it’s a surprise party. Here are some of the other coverages you should consider when securing a safe event:

Liquor Liability

: What would a part be without some kind of alcohol related incident? It’s to be expected that your guests get a little loose, but you may want to account for that guy you know is going to have one too many Long Islands. Liquor Liability covers not only drunken doozies, but also the accidental sale to underage persons, or any other alcohol-related incident.

Cancellation Insurance

Keeps your deposits covered, as well as other costs due to unforeseeable conditions that would cause the event’s cancellation.

Third Party Damage

Remember that guy who had too many Long Islands? He might also lose his balance and knock the table over. Someones shoe may fly off from the dance floor and knock the chandelier down. You never know what your “third party” might do while they’re partying, but you sure as heck want them to have a great time! This is why third party damage coverage is so useful – it protects you from having to pay repairs while the venue is under your control.

Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability

If you really want to channel your inner Jay Gatsby, and hire auto service for all your guests, it’s a good idea to also cover those automobiles. This ensures your guests arrive in style and are 100% safe.

Workers Compensation

This covers any vendors who may be working your event. It provides them medical and salary compensation due to injuries sustained while working the event.

As you can see, and probably already know, there’s a lot more that goes into an event than what you’re planning. You also have to plan for the un-planned – especially when you’ve got other people under your responsibility. You have a commitment to the venue, the vendors and your guests. After all that is taken into account, and their safety is protected, and then your personal deposits are protected, then you can move on to selecting the bar menu.

If you’d like more information on event insurance, or you’ve already made up your mind to purchase it (good job!) give us a call – 443-783-5752. One of our agents will be happy to discuss with you all the specific details of your event, including date, time, location, guest count, alcohol. You can also contact us online by clicking here. [link to: contact us]

Just remember, event insurance needs to be purchased 24 hours prior to when the event is taking place. To cancel, you would need to call 48 hours in advance. Our event coverage only extends to 10 days – sorry to all your hardcore party animals. Prices will vary, depending on which coverage options you choose for your event. We hope to hear from you soon!