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Trailer Insurance 101: 4 Things You Need To Know

trailer insuranceIf you own a trailer or even use your vehicle to pull a trailer, you should really consider purchasing trailer insurance. This type of insurance will protect you from financial hardship if you damage the contents of your trailer and/or cause damage to another while pulling your trailer.

Trailer insurance is not a legal requirement in any state, having trailer insurance can be valuable if you use your trailer on a regular basis. Generally your car insurance will extend to your trailer, however this typically only applies to liability coverages. If you want to better protect your investment, you will need to have trailer insurance.

Trailer Insurance Should Include:

  • Liability – this will help cover costs associated with bodily injury and property damage you cause to others. As stated above, your trailer will most likely be covered for liability under your car insurance policy. Still, you may find you want further protection when it comes to your trailer.
  • ​Comprehensive – this coverage will help with repairs to your trailer if it is damaged due to instances such as: theft, vandalism, fire and severe weather.
  • Collision – This coverage will help with repairs to your trailer if it gets damaged in a traffic collision.
  • Contents Coverage – If you are using a trailer to transport personal items, you may want to include this coverage to help protect those items in the event they become damaged.

Examples Of Trailers Covered

  • Boat & Jet ski trailers.
  • Car trailers.
  • Camping trailers.
  • Horse trailers.
  • Open & Closed Utility trailers

Commercial Trailer Insurance

Trailers that are used for commercial purposes and/or business reasons are not covered under your personal auto policy. You will need to purchase commercial trailer insurance.

If you feel you need trailer insurance to help you protect your investment, contact your Insurance Architect today at Passarell Insurance Agency! We can review trailer insurance and have you fully covered in no time.