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Snowy Roads : Why I Have Comprehension and Collision Insurance coverage.

One day in early December, it was snowing and the roads had yet to be cleared. They were snow cover with packed ice and snow underneath from a previous storm. I was invited to a surprise birthday party that evening. I was given the task to pick up and deliver the cake to the party. So no snow, sleet, nor freezing rain was going to prevent me from getting there. Frostburg being true to its name, was definitely frosty that day. It was an experience I will never forget!

At an icy, slushy intersection, I almost sled into the rear of taxi cab. I stopped with just inches to spare. Taking a deep breath, I inched my way onto the highway. The plows had not been through this area yet, and it was snowing harder. Having to concentrate on the snow falling and the road I missed seeing the deer that came racing down the hill to my right. It landed on the hood of my car, slammed into the windshield and bounded off and into the woods on the other side of the road. I sled off the road and into a ditch. A snowplow finally came to my rescue and radioed for a tow truck.

I’m sure glad I listened to my agent as he explained why comprehensive and collision insurance coverage is important.

I might be the world’s most careful driver, but it is still possible that I will cause an accident or be held responsible for one. In that case you cannot collect for damages to my car from the other driver. Collision coverage will pay for damages even if an accident is my fault.

I may think an accident is the other driver’s fault, but he may disagree, casting both the other driver and me into lengthy legal proceedings. With collision coverage my insurance company can repair the car and take over my claim against the other driver.

I could get into an accident in which the other driver is clearly at fault but has no liability insurance. Suing could be pointless. The auto policy’s uninsured (or underinsured) motorist coverage does not necessarily pay for damages to my car in this situation.

If I should smash my car into a tree, telephone pole or hitting a deer, there is no one sue. Collision will pay for damages to my car.  The amount of coverage my policy provides and its cost will depend on my car and its value.

Comprehensive coverage eliminates the financial risk of paying for such events as vandalism, flood, theft, fire, hail or animal hits.
A simple way to remember comprehensive and collision coverage is that comprehensive protects you in situations that do not involve colliding with a nonliving object while collision protects you when you collide with another vehicle or property.

So, do you need Comprehensive and Collision Insurance coverage? Yes. How much do you need—contact your insurance architect and ask about how much Comprehensive and Collision coverage you need. It’s better to know that a guess.