Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insuranceAs a homeowner, it is imperative to properly protect your home, property and belongings from risk. When you partner with Passarell Insurance Agency, your Insurance Architect helps you design a homeowners insurance policy that best fits your needs, through a homeowners review. Your homeowners review determines the replacement value of your home and provides you with recommendations to obtain the broadest protection possible, including a full range of coverage options.

Insuring Your Home’s Structure:

Learn about setting the right deductible and getting coverage should you need to pay for rebuilding your home. The price you paid for your home is probably not the amount you will choose to insure it.

Insuring Your Personal Property:

You’ve made a significant investment in your possessions, and they need to be protected. Read about category limits and per item limits that could affect the amount you generally are paid for covered lost or damaged personal items.

Liability Insurance:

If someone accuses you of causing harm, it helps to have support in defending yourself. Discover how liability insurance can help protect your savings in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a covered loss.

Guest Medical Insurance:

Find out how your insurance can help pay for medical costs (up to policy limits) when someone is injured in a covered loss at your home.

Flood Insurance:

Knowing the difference between protection from a flood and a covered water loss is essential. Get the facts about the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Program and insurance options for other water damage.

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