Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car InsurancePassarell Insurance partners with the best when it comes to protecting your classic car. That’s why we proudly offer Hagerty Classic Car Insurance policies for all types of classic makes and models.

By offering specialty insurance you can receive the best coverage for a much lower price; sometimes up to 46% lower than your regular car insurance. Whether you use your classic car as a daily driver, for weekend trips or even attend multiple events a year, the Insurance Architects at Passarell Insurance can find the right policy at the right price for you.

Check out some of the differences Passarell Insurance and Hagerty Classic Car Insurance can offer you!

Premiums 46% Lower

We understand your classic car may not be your daily driver or even used every weekend, so your premiums are adjusted accordingly to your usage.

Full Coverage

We understand this is not your run of the mill minivan and requires more than your run of the mill full coverage. No matter how much or how little you use your classic car; you will always be covered.

Flatbed Tow Service

The years of hard work and hunting down the perfect hard to find parts would all be ruined with one bad tow. We guarantee only that if you do break down, only a flatbed towing service will come to your rescue.

Unlimited Mileage

Your classic car looks good sitting in your driveway and at events, but it looks even better cruising down the road. Hagerty Classic Car Insurance offers no fixed mileage. Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed.

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