Passing Insurance 101

Jason’s video series “Passing Insurance 101” passes along his insurance knowledge on how to lower your rate, increase your insurance score and save money.


Episode #18

For the holidays Jason wanted to do something special so what better way than analyzing an all time favorite, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. From Uncle Lewis lighting the Christmas tree on fire to his brother Eddie backing up the sewage drain, Jason lets you know whether or not Clark’s insurance company would of covered the damages.


Episode #17

This week Jason talks annual insurance review. Do you need it? Is it necessary? More importantly, what can an annual insurance review do for your rates and insurance score?

Episode #16

Whether it’s you, a family member or someone you know; getting a DUI or having one’s license suspended can cause major problems. Jason walks you through what a DUI or license suspension can do to an insurance rate, insurance score and what the individual needs to do in order to correct this mistake.

Episode #14

With all the insurance gimmicks out there such as “15 minutes or less” or “7 1/2 minutes to get a quote”, it’s hard to determine how long a real insurance quote would take. Jason shows us what you need to help speed up the process and get the best quote for your need

Episode #13

Despite what many say, it is likely that your car will still be covered if you let someone else drive it. There are a few caveats to this rule called “permissive use”. Check out this quick 2 minutes video as Jason explains what permissive use is and in which cases you would be covered if your friend totaled your car.

Episode #12

This week’s question comes to us from one of our viewers about picking the ideal time to rerun your insurance score in order to get a lower rate. If you’re not sure about your insurance score, check out our 1st episode.

Episode #11

This week Jason explains the options new car owners have to ensure they do not end up upside down on a loan if their new car is totaled. There are 3 options: Gap coverage from your dealership, new car replacement policy with your insurance agency, or paying cash out of pocket.

Episode #10

This week Jason shows us when you can and can’t share renters insurance.

Episode #9

This Week, Jason shows us the reason why so many people are doing business with brick and mortar insurance agencies and forgoing the annoying, impersonal, 15-minute rush job many people experience when calling the 1-800 number insurance companies.

Episode #8

This week Jason explains when you should or shouldn’t file an insurance claim. Whether it’s your fault or not, the answer may surprise you!

Episode #7

This week, Jason talks tips on event insurance, when you might need it and how much coverage to get based on the event’s size and location.

Episode #6

This week on Passing Insurance 101 Jason gives us 3 scenarios in which you MAY or MAY NOT need rental car insurance.

Episode #5

This week on Passing Insurance 101, Jason shows us what having umbrella insurance is really for, when you would use it, and how it could save you from financial disaster.

Episode #4

Find out why your house needs to be insured for a different price than you paid for it. The home market value vs. replacement cost is hardly ever the same price. Jason breaks down the difference between these two in episode 4 of Passing Insurance 101

Episode #3

This week Jason explains what exactly is the “loss ratio” of insurance companies and how you can actually get a lower rate by purchasing insurance from companies with a better loss ratio.

Episode #2

In episode #2 Jason discusses the 3 things you can do behind the wheel to lower your insurance score in order to secure a better insurance rate.

Episode #1

In episode 1 of “Passing Insurance 101”, Jason gives you 3 tips on how to improve your insurance score. Tune in next week as Jason drops more insurance knowledge to help you save money and reduce your insurance rate. #insurancetips