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Keep Your Children Safe With Carseat Coverage

Sleeping-baby-in-carseat-insuranceIf you have children, you know what a beautiful and crazy time the nine months before and after their birth is. Crazy with questions, advice, contacts.. Information is being shoved at you from every direction, and it’s honestly just confusing you even more. If there’s one thing we’re sure all your friends and family could agree on, before diaper brands and feeding schedules, it was safety. Your children’s safety is and always was your number one priority, but there are many facets that go into ensuring that..

Keeping your infant safe ranges from eating, to sleeping, to being outside, to being on the road.. Just like any other person in your car, your newborn must be properly protected. You have probably already read up on carseat safety, but it’s important to understand the potential damage a carseat can incur, and act quickly in replacing it after an accident. That’s where your insurance company comes in.

Carseat coverage is a very useful option to add to your policy. Just like anything else, you are extremely grateful you have it after the fact, but many people neglect adding it altogether. There are several reasons for this..

  • You assume you’ll just buy a new carseat. This usually goes without saying. But people assume this because they aren’t aware carseat coverage exists.
  • You assume you’ll just use the carseat again. Many people unfortunately don’t notice the damage a carseat incurs after an accident. Perhaps it’s not visible enough. But an accident can loosen up the harness on a carseat, or create misalignment in the buckle. In time, these issues can intensify, and what you thought was a secure carseat wriggles out of place when you least expect it.

Carseat damage can be very minor, but it still potentially endangers your child, because it can cause a loss of sturdiness, and therefore effectiveness. There is great risk in reusing a carseat after an accident, and you are strongly encouraged to have that seat destroyed and buy a new one.

Depending on your policy, some insurance companies will pay for the car seat replacement, especially if you have comprehensive coverage. If your crashed seat(s) meet the manufacturer’s, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA), guidelines for replacement, the at-fault driver should contact their insurance company to cover replacement. If you live in a no-fault insurance state, then you would pursue replacement through your own car insurance company. The only way to know for sure if your infancy car seat is covered by your car insurance is to ask your agent directly.

It may seem like a small matter, and purchasing a new carseat may actually seem easier.. But after an accident, and the money you may have to invest in repairs, and looking at your busy week ahead, having your carseat covered becomes a blessing. One less thing you have to worry about and pay for. Don’t take the chance on your newborns safety. Even if you think the accident is minor, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and replace a could-be damaged carseat. Call one of our Insurance Architects today to add carseat coverage to your policy. Practicing the best road safety in all forms is the best way to ensure your family is protected. Call now, or click below, to get started on some additional coverage options!

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