Sarah Passarell

Operations/ HR Manager

sarah-passarellWell-versed in both human resources and marketing, Sarah knows from experience that hiring isn’t just about finding people, it’s about finding the right people. She also feels great customer service is hard to come by in today’s society. She brings those beliefs to life in her office, which is built on patience and staffed with polite and courteous employees who are eager to help.

With the constant change in most companies today, Sarah brings the ability to understand, manage and teach the constant changes to the staff and also to the clients. Clients and employees expect HR managers to advocate for their concerns while abiding by the regulations within the organization. Sarah prides herself on earning the trust of the employees and, more importantly, the trust of the clients.

Sarah earned two bachelor’s degrees from Salisbury University, one in marketing and the other in human resources management. She lives and serves in the Salisbury community with her husband and their four sons. Tyler, 16, is a student at Bennett High School, where he plays football and lacrosse. He also enjoys Boy Scouts, working on the school newspaper, wrestling and baseball. Her other sons are Noah, 6; Jonah, 4 ½; and Jason II, 3. They all attend St. Francis de Sales School.

When Sarah is not working with her clients or employees, she enjoys volunteering at St. Francis de Sales Church and School, baking, attending her children’s activities, hailing the Redskins, coaching Bennett High School volleyball, archery shooting or enjoying a quiet walk with her husband and best friend Jason.

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