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How To Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is coming up

It’s going to be a stormy one!

Hurricane Season 2015Unpredictable to say the least. In fact, with climate change in affect moreintensely now than ever, it’s a good time to start thinking about some serious adjustments in protecting your home. Strong winds, flooding, tree’s down; hurricanes can come rolling in out of nowhere and cause severe storm damage in a matter of hours. The aftermath can leave some homes in shambles, or in need of intensive repair – which is why it’s so important to understand storm safety.

Whatever torrent she decides to unleash this year, Mother Nature will be in full swing, and it’s up to you to guard yourself, your family and your home against her. Here are some tips to keep the ranch safe this hurricane season:

Brace your garage door

    • Most people are concerned about their roof, but your roof isn’t in danger unless your garage is swirling about with heavy winds. Because the outside wind pushes down on your home, and wind trapped in your garage pushes up through your home, the roof usually has no choice but to pop off if the winds are strong enough. This pressure can be avoided if your garage door is padded thoroughly enough to resist strong winds – metal reinforcement works best.

Secure windows and doors

    • If windows are too weak, or broken for that matter, that means more wind is coming into your home and creating more tension underneath your roof. There’s also a chance the window could blow right out from the frame. Your best bet is to find storm shudders; if you can’t afford them, boarding up your windows is the most effective alternative.

Consider extra locks

    • Hurricanes are erratic. You never which way(s) they will come rolling towards you. If you have multiple doors, consider getting a few more locks and bolts on them. Hurricane winds can knock your door right open, with a jolt so hard you better hope no one is standing behind it. Secure that door! And don’t stand behind it.

Protect your roof

    • Now is the time to check your roof tiles and shingles. See if any are loose and seal them up using roofing cement. Loose tiles can be extremely hazardous, even fatal, in the clutches of strong wind. Seal any areas on the roof where wires enter the home; that is an open invitation for water damage.

Trim your trees

    • Trees are some of the most damaging aspects of a hurricane, and it’s these types of accidents that drive most insurance claims post-storm. Branches can land anywhere from your neighbors car to right through your window. If a tree falls on a neighbors property, insurance typically covers the damages, but may only pay a portion of the expenses – around $500 – $1000. If a tree falls on your neighbors property but doesn’t cause any damage, your insurance may not pay for anything, leaving you to pay the few thousands dollars for removal. Give your tree’s a cut before Mother Nature tears them off herself.

Take inventory

    • Make a list of everything you’ve got in the house before a storm hits. You never know what a strong hurricane is going to take, and no one wants, nor is able, to take personal inventory in the wake of a severe storm. The damage can be so devastating, the last thing you want to do is rack your brain for missing items.

Unfortunately, we have a hunch hurricane season is going to worsen in upcoming years. As climate change continues to cause erratic weather patterns, hurricanes are likely to become stronger and less predictable. It is better for you and your family to be aware of all the possibilities, and all the precautions. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If you have any additional questions about storm safety, or would like to start looking into coverage options, give one of our Insurance Architects a call today! We’re always happy to help increase your protection, especially against the harmful wrath of hurricane season.

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