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One Insurance Agency To Rule Them All

One Insurance Agency To Rule them AllMost of us can pinch a penny like it’s our job. We know all the short cuts to saving a buck or two. And insurance is one of the few places it’s understandable for our natural saving instincts to come – premiums are not cheap. But insurance is actually one of the few places where this penny pinching tendency doesn’t come in handy. What happens is, people enroll in different policies at different insurance agencies, and they save money; but then they crash their car, and have no idea which agency to call. Continue reading One Insurance Agency To Rule Them All

Keep Your Children Safe With Carseat Coverage

Sleeping-baby-in-carseat-insuranceIf you have children, you know what a beautiful and crazy time the nine months before and after their birth is. Crazy with questions, advice, contacts.. Information is being shoved at you from every direction, and it’s honestly just confusing you even more. If there’s one thing we’re sure all your friends and family could agree on, before diaper brands and feeding schedules, it was safety. Your children’s safety is and always was your number one priority, but there are many facets that go into ensuring that..

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Summer Car Safety: How To Keep Things Cool

Hot inside carCar Safety Isn’t Limited to Driving

There have been too many instances this summer, and all summers, of children left in cars, under the blazing hot sun, windows barely cracked or not at all. Children have died. Pets have died. People don’t realize that car safety is more than just driving. It isn’t limited to your car in motion, or traffic accidents, or icy roads. Heat can be a death trap for your car, even when it’s not moving.

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Boat Insurance: 5 Most Asked Questions

Passarell Insurance Boat insuranceWe often speak of accidents on the road, but what about accidents on the water? If you own a boat, you are equally responsible for other boaterson the water, as you would be drivers on the road. Boating safety is a serious issue. In 2013, there were 4,062 boating accidents with $39 million dollars in property damage. You probably spent a good chunky of money on your boat, and certainly lots of time and more money fixing it up, prepping it for summer fun. Dont let all that go to waste by ignoring the very important factor of boat insurance!

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New Allstate Driving Technology: A Database That Keeps You Safe

Allstate New driving technology When it comes to driving technology, most insurance companies claim to ensure safe driving, but that just means they protect you once you’ve already had an accident. What about an insurance company that actively prevents you from having an accident? Not through safe driving rewards, but through technology that monitors your every driving move, in real-time, as well as the traffic around you, to guide and inform of the likeliest outcome. Patterns based on your driving history, the exact position and speed of your vehicle and others, your health, all-encompassing cameras.. This is just a snippet of Allstate’s newest innovation: a driving-behavior database technology.

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Do I Need A Commercial Insurance Policy?

business insurance for vehiclesJust as businesses are responsible for their product, customer satisfaction and profit, they are also responsible for the vehicles they put on the road for that business. Companies aren’t excused from covering themselves on the road, especially when they are utilizing a “work” vehicle, and other employees are operating it. This is why getting covered under a commercial insurance policy is so important for businesses- they have their entire business to lose.

A commercial insurance policy, just as a personal auto policy, covers your vehicle, except the policy operates under your business’s name. Your company is the primary insured.

A commercial policy includes liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments or personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist. For bodily injury, if you are at fault, your commercial policy pays for injuries to others. Liability coverage greatly helps your business avoid lawsuits.

Now, not every service requires a commercial policy. Depending on your business, it’s size, it’s purpose and what it’s transporting, you may be adequately covered on your personal auto policy.

Here are businesses that don’t necessarily call for commercial coverage:

Marykay or Tupperware consultant – As long as this isn’t your primary business, and you are just selling the product, then a personal policy will do just fine. However, if this is your full-time job, and you drive over 100 miles a day, 500 miles a week, then you need to enroll in a commercial policy.

Home health care and social workers – as long as they don’t regularly transport people, a personal auto policy will do.

  • Real estate agents
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Clergy
  • Doctors

Here are businesses that need commercial coverage:

While these businesses can get away with a personal auto policy, most companies that deliver and depend on a vehicle for regular service, need commercial vehicle insurance. You need a commercial policy if you are:

  • Using the vehicle to transport goods or people for a fee.
  • Using the vehicle to conduct a service.
  • Hauling tools/equipment or towing a trailer to conduct your business.
  • Carrying hazardous materials.
  • Carrying housing-keeping equipment for your business.
  • Towing for hire.
  • Delivering goods (pizza/flowers/wholesale retail).
  • Delivering newspaper (in a rural area).
  • A messenger, deliverer or chauffer.

And you certainly need a commercial policy if employees operate the vehicle, or ownership is under the business name. Vans and pick-ups over 10K in weight are covered under a personal auto policy.

If you’re operating a business that utilizes transportation regularly, you need to get that vehicle covered immediately. If one of your work cars gets involved in an accident, not only will you be down a car (possibly your only one) – you may lose your business altogether. If someone is harmed or serious damage occurs, prepare for lawsuit.

As a business-owner, it’s your responsibility to cover all aspects of your business, and the company car is one of the most important. Don’t let an accident destroy your livelihood. Cover yourself and keep your business intact for the long road head. Call one of our Insurance Architects to put your commercial insurance policy into place today!

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No Running! Ensure Pool Safety With These Coverages Options

Summer is here and pool “safety” is open!

Pool safety alarmYou’ve been waiting all year, through the piles of snow and the frigid fall temperatures; now it’s time to uncover that beautiful backyard gem, spray on the sunscreen, and set up camp on your patio. But as relaxing as this picture-perfect setting can be, there are many dangerous pitfalls that come along with owning a pool, and thousands of families lose their children each year to drowning or near-drowning incidents’.

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How To Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is coming up

It’s going to be a stormy one!

Hurricane Season 2015Unpredictable to say the least. In fact, with climate change in affect moreintensely now than ever, it’s a good time to start thinking about some serious adjustments in protecting your home. Strong winds, flooding, tree’s down; hurricanes can come rolling in out of nowhere and cause severe storm damage in a matter of hours. The aftermath can leave some homes in shambles, or in need of intensive repair – which is why it’s so important to understand storm safety.

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