Preparing Your Teen for the 100 Deadly Days of Summer

Distracted Teen DrivingThe months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, nicknamed the 100 Deadly Days of Summer, pose the greatest risk to new drivers.  Instead of sitting in school all day, new drivers are on the road in full force.  A
study conducted by AAA suggests this increase in frequency directly leads to a drastic increase in accidents involving teens.   Continue reading Preparing Your Teen for the 100 Deadly Days of Summer

5 Ways To Tell If You Should Drop Your Collision Coverage

collision insuranceOwning collision insurance means that if you are in an accident, your insurance provider will reimburse you for any damage to your vehicle if the collision is deemed to be your fault.

It may seem reasonable that everyone should have collision coverage, considering there are an average of six million car accidents in the United States each year. However, the benefits of collision insurance may not outweigh the cost you’d have to pay. It all depends on your particular situation.

Contemplate these five considerations to help you determine if collision insurance is right for you: Continue reading 5 Ways To Tell If You Should Drop Your Collision Coverage

DUI Insurance: A Big Expense?

DUI insuranceThe prevalence of drinking and driving advertisements and the concerted effort to raise its awareness are no coincidence. As recently as 2013, 31% of motor vehicle deaths were caused because a driver was intoxicated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In that year, over 10,000 Americans lost their lives due to drinking and driving – a horrific and growing problem.

You need no other reason to call for a ride than the danger of killing another human being (or yourself). However, if you are caught drinking and driving and are rightfully given a DUI, you will face a score of consequences.

Fines, a suspended license, community service, possible jail time, and mandatory alcohol and drug education classes are all repercussions for first-time offenders. If you are convicted of more than one DUI, the penalties become even more steep.

While these consequences of drinking and driving are more commonly known, DUI offenders will also feel the pain from the automotive insurance industry.

Rising Costs And Issues With Auto Insurance

If ever you receive a DUI, automotive insurance companies immediately flag you as a high-risk driver. And of course, higher risk for them means higher premiums for you. Even more, some insurance companies simply refuse to insure those with DUIs on their record.

Depending on the state, A DUI stays on your record for three to seven years, meaning you would have difficulty finding insurance providers and pay steep premiums to get coverage.

Speaking of which, before you are even permitted to drive again, you are required to obtain a certificate of insurance (also known as an SR-22), which provides proof that you are insured with at least your state’s minimum liability limits.

Are You Covered?

Not only will you pay the price of higher auto insurance premiums in the future, but if you drink and drive and get into an accident, your insurance company may not cover any of the damage.

Other auto insurers cover only the damages of the victims of drunk driving if you are assessed a DUI. You would have to pay out of pocket to repair damages to your own vehicle, which is an average of $3,144 per collision claim.

With such a devastating problem, our society is taking a firm stand against the dangerous decision that too many of us make. Whether it’s the legal system, insurance industry, or even employers who require clean records, America is doing everything it can curb drunk driving.

The ramifications are clear: Drinking and driving is a serious offense, and those who get a DUI will face an abundance of severe and costly penalties.

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The Key difference Between Collision vs. Comprehensive Coverage

The key difference in collision vs. comprehensive coverage is to a certain extent the element of the car driver’s control.

Collision insurance will typically cover events within a motorist’s control, or when another vehicle collides with your car. Comprehensive coverage generally falls under “acts of God or nature”, that are typically out of your control when driving such as a spooked deer.

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Summer Car Safety: How To Keep Things Cool

Hot inside carCar Safety Isn’t Limited to Driving

There have been too many instances this summer, and all summers, of children left in cars, under the blazing hot sun, windows barely cracked or not at all. Children have died. Pets have died. People don’t realize that car safety is more than just driving. It isn’t limited to your car in motion, or traffic accidents, or icy roads. Heat can be a death trap for your car, even when it’s not moving.

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New Allstate Driving Technology: A Database That Keeps You Safe

Allstate New driving technology When it comes to driving technology, most insurance companies claim to ensure safe driving, but that just means they protect you once you’ve already had an accident. What about an insurance company that actively prevents you from having an accident? Not through safe driving rewards, but through technology that monitors your every driving move, in real-time, as well as the traffic around you, to guide and inform of the likeliest outcome. Patterns based on your driving history, the exact position and speed of your vehicle and others, your health, all-encompassing cameras.. This is just a snippet of Allstate’s newest innovation: a driving-behavior database technology.

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Understanding Your Car Insurance Coverage

We All Have Car Insurance

But do we understand what is covered?

Most of us have car insurance, but most of us do not understand the intricacies involved in car insurance. For many people, it’s simply a matter of calling, signing and driving off. Which is the way we prefer things – simple. After all, you do have agents to take care of the real knitty gritty stuff. However, more and more people are neglecting certain aspects of their car insurance, especially when it comes to the different forms of coverage.

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