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Boat Insurance: 5 Most Asked Questions

Passarell Insurance Boat insuranceWe often speak of accidents on the road, but what about accidents on the water? If you own a boat, you are equally responsible for other boaterson the water, as you would be drivers on the road. Boating safety is a serious issue. In 2013, there were 4,062 boating accidents with $39 million dollars in property damage. You probably spent a good chunky of money on your boat, and certainly lots of time and more money fixing it up, prepping it for summer fun. Dont let all that go to waste by ignoring the very important factor of boat insurance!

Its easy to get caught up in cruising along the waves, cutting through the currents, thinking youre riding a jet-ski, especially if youre taking friends out and its shore season. Summertime riles everyone up and everyone wants to be out in the water. But summer is also peak season for boating related accidents. People can get very irresponsible on their boats. Theres something about being out in open water that distorts the idea of safely operating a piece of machinery. You cant forget; a boat is just as heavy, dangerous and colossal as a car. And operating one comes with the same, life threatening risks. That means you need the same, effective coverage. Here is some basic information on boat insurance and how it can keep you safe this summer.

How Does Boat Insurance Protect Me?

A standard boat policy typically includes liability protection, which pays for medical expenses and property damage that may occur from a boating accident. Medical payments are also included, which would help cover medical expenses sustained from a passenger on your boat. Also included is guest liability, which covers you if you let someone borrow or use your boat.

What Types of Hazards Are Covered?

A standard boat policy covers damage resulting from collision, theft, fire and vandalism. Your boat is covered whether it is in the water or on land. If you have further questions about potential hazards, contact one of our Insurance Architects.

Does An Inexpensive Boat Need Coverage?

As a boat owner, you are not only responsible for any repairs your boat may incur, but for the general liability and potential medial bills that may result from a boating accident. You are still responsible for any injuries and property damage- no matter how inexpensive the boat.

Is Optional Boating Equipment Covered?

Generally, boat policies include optional equipment coverages. Optional equipment would include depth finder/GPS units, fishing gear, life vests, and any other equipment you keep on your boat.

Does Boat Insurance Include Towing & Assistance?

Most boat policies offer coverage available for towing and assistance while on the water. This may be covered under your policy, or it may be an option you can add to your policy.

Dont open yourself, your family, your friends or your boat up to any potential accidents by neglecting proper coverage. Water traffic can be unpredictable; just like on the road, there will always be irresponsible drivers. Protect your boat and everyone on it by taking the time to get covered. That is your responsibility. We want you basking in the sun, floating through the tides, and voyaging through the deep blue without a worry on your mind. Thats what your summer should look like, but it cant officially begin until safety is ensured. Call an Insurance Architect today, or click below, and well be happy to go over any questions you may have about boat insurance. Cheers to a fun and safe boating season!

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