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Are You Ready For Hurricane Season 2014?

Hurrican SeasonThe 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season is officially here from June 1st-November30th. Are you prepared? From the Upper coast all the way down to Florida; residents from beach front to hundreds of miles inland are susceptible to the punishing forces of hurricanes.

It’s being reported that the odds are good that we will have a quiet Atlantic storm season this year. However, It does not mean we become complacent and disregard the need to prepare for it. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 proved that we must do our due diligence and prepare for Hurricane Season. It also reminds us that strong winds, pounding rain and even storm surges are possible with the smallest of storms.

Sandy’s concluded evidence concluded that we needed better information in order to prevent hurricane surprises in the future. With Federal funding we now have the capability to send drones into the hurricane and transmit data to help determine what makes some storms weaken while others turn into powerful costly hurricanes. This data helps coordinate better plans for evacuations or storm risks.

From New York to Florida, people are still reeling form the effects of Sandy. Sandy was a horrific, emotional time but amidst the diaster and heartbreak Sandy also opened our eyes to the risk and damage of being complacent when it comes to a hurricane. Hurricane Sandy was the tipping for all of us including the scientific community. The amount of data and information collected from that storm, as horrific as it was, will enable us to help prevent future loss of life.

Stay At Home?

Storm “newbies” have not experienced a category 3 or higher hurricane. This means that thousands of people living in coastal developments have never experienced a powerful hurricane. So how to prepare? They know to board or tape their windows, but it may not be the best idea given time, conditions and availability of supplies. It is better to prepare for the now then the when. Here is a list of items you need incase you are without power and ar are allowed to remain at home:

  • first aid kit,
  • non perishable food
  • water
  • a change of clothes
  • a radio (battery or crank)
  • a flashlight
  • extra batteries

Leave Your Home?

But there is a myriad of other things to consider. What if the storm lasts more than a short period of time? What if my home is blown away? What else should be considered? If you have children, how would you keep them calm and not bored over this time? How would you call for help? We know a million questions will run through your mind, but being prepared on all facets of your life, will make it a hundred times easier to face the challenge. The list is endless and should include all of the items above; but these are the must haves if you need to evacuate your home.

  • Books, toys, games
  • Cash or credit card
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Blankets or sleeping bag per person
  • Special family needs–medications, extra glasses, pet supplies, infant supplies
  • Maps to help guide you around blocked roads
  • Whistle will alert rescuers if you are trapped in debris
  • Important documents you may need if your home is damaged or is
  • uninhabitable
  • Proof of residence
  • Family pictures and family pets
  • Insurance policies
  • Bank account records
  • Tax records

As you can see a lot of thought needs to go into preparing for any category hurricane. Now is the time to make sure “all of your ducks are in a row”. Call your Insurance Architect to ensure your policy is ready for anything mother nature can throw at you.