Passarell Promise For Peace Of Mind

AssesmentYou Deserve A Personal Promise.

The financial services and insurance professionals at Passarell Insurance take a hands-on approach to protecting your best interests with periodic Passarell Promise check-ins designed to ensure your policies and financial strategies are always up-to-date. You deserve more than insurance. You deserve an insurance promise.

Don’t wait for “Insurance Guy at extension 456989” to give you a call back. The same guy who sold you an entire insurance policy in 15 minutes. 15 minutes? You want your car washed in 15 minutes, not your families insurance policy written. You need a personal promise. You deserve the Passarell Promise.

Insurance is more than appeasing the state and federal laws, its about ensuring all of your hard work, sacrifice and dedication to building a better life isn’t lost on an unfortunate accident. Insurance can help, personal insurance can re-build.

Click the button below to choose your Insurance Architect. They will assess your current insurance coverage, make sure you aren’t paying too much and missing any types of coverage. Many times, people over pay because they thought “better safe than sorry”

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