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7 Ways To Protect your Teenage Drivers

Teen DriverTeenage drivers who usually follow the rules can be easily be distracted an encouraged to take risks. Did you know that 16 to 17 year old drivers have higher death risk per mile traveled when passengers are ride along? As a parent or guardian, it’s your job to educate your teen on safe driving practices. Here are some guidelines to prevent accidents and keep your new driver safe:

Restrict passengers.

Teenage passengers riding in a vehicle with a beginning driver can distract the driver and encourage greater risk. Likewise, think twice about letting your teen get in a car with friends when another new driver is behind the wheel.

Require safety belt use.

Don’t assume that your teen will buckle up… Insist on belts. Before they grab the keys, a quick reminder to wear a seatbelt could save their life.

Prohibit driving after drinking alcohol.

Make it CLEAR that it’s ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS to drive after consuming alcohol or using any other type of drug. Parents don’t want to think of their under-21 year old as using substances illegally, but it does happen, so be aware and prepared to give them a ride instead of assuming they are ok to get behind the wheel.

Consider a monitoring device.

These system devices flag risky behavior such as speeding, sudden braking, abrupt acceleration and not-use of belts.

Choose vehicle with safety in mind

Teens should drive vehicles that reduce their chances of crashing. Small cars don’t offer the best protection in collisions compared to larger vehicles.

Supervise practice driving.

Take an active role in helping your teen learn to drive. Give your beginner time to work up to challenges like driving in heavy traffic, freeways, or in snow and rain.

Be a role model

New drivers learn a lot by example, so practice safe driving yourself. Your teenager has been watching you drive from the passenger seat their whole life, so when it’s time for them to take the keys, make sure that you follow all traffic laws especially when your teen is in the car.

Being a beginning driver has special risk because during their first months of license, teens have a particularly high risk of crashing. Driving at night and driving with other teens in the car are especially risky, that’s why graduated licensing systems restrict these activities until teen drivers have more experience on the road.

Enforce and follow these tips and your teenage driver will be on thier way to being a successful and safe operator. Ready for more good news? If you take advantege of Allstates safe driver discounts and contact an Insurance Architect today, you will be on your way to some serious discounts.