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5 Tips For Ensuring You’re Covered In A Parking Lot Accident

Parking lot accidentsNot even our own Quote Bug is safe from the perils that lie in wait at the grocery store parking lot. A rogue cart seems to have found its way into the side of our beloved Quote Bug leaving a deep gash. Thankfully we had the proper coverage (yes even insurance companies need insurance) and was able to use a body shop of our choosing. Quote Bug 1 – Shopping Cart – 0.

According to statistics 20% of all auto accidents happen in commercial parking lots. Those accidents could be as minor as a shopping cart veering dangerously out of control into your vehicle or as major as a person being seriously injured or killed from an inattentive driver. You should treat all of these accidents the same and here are a few tips for if you or your vehicle are involved in a parking lot accident.

What to do if you’re involved in a parking lot accident

Leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging insurance information is a crime as is not rendering aid to those who are hurt. Don’t agree with a driver who says, “Let’s leave the insurance companies out of this.” Even if you’re at fault, don’t agree to pay the other driver and “call it even.
Although you may have the best of intentions, there are those unscrupulous people who will accept your money and later claim injuries so they can file a personal injury claim with your insurance company. They’ll do it in spite of your payment, and even file a property damage claim as well! They can use the check you innocently wrote as proof you admitted fault

Contact Police, Security, or onsite supervisor

If there are any injuries contact 911 right away. If you feel you need to contact your local police, and have them file a report you can do that as well.

The relevance of fault

In most parking lot accidents, no one wants to admit fault. Many drivers often point the finger at each other, each claiming he had the right of way. Do not get tangled in an argument. Instead, just exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information.

Preserving evidence

Everyone has a smart phone or device these days with a camera. Take plenty of pictures. You can never have too many. These can be key when filing a claim or lawsuit.

Lastly making an Insurance claim.

Contact your local agent for advice, also make sure they document everything. They will give you advice for the best way to file your claim.

Next time you are in a parking lot, take your time, look twice and beware of pedestrians and any objects (such as shopping carts left unattended) that could cause damage to your vehicle. Keep these important tips in mind the next time you find yourself parking lot incident. If you are unsure how the insurance company will cover your claim contact an Insurance Architect today!