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5 Spring Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

spring cleaningYour home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll ever make—be sure you do all you can to care for it. Like a car, your home needs regular maintenance especially after a long, dark and cold winter. Spring brings bright sun and warm winds, cookouts and yard work. It is great to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! The downside? It spotlights the work ahead–dirty windows, mold, leaves and of course weeds. The havoc winter did to the exterior of your home can be harsh, but your motivation to maintain your castle is no match for winter.

In The Spring, Focus On:

  • Squeaky clean windows will let that spring sunshine in.
  • Start with the outside of the window first
  • Remove screens and brush them out
  • Use a power washer if need be fore corners and high places

Get your mind and those leaves out of the gutters.

  • Clogged gutters means water damage
  • Wear gloves to reduce risk of cutting yourself on jagged metal
  • Remove ALL twigs, leaves, pine cones, acorns and so on. ​

Garages are meant to be used and not for your personal hoarding.

  • Designate areas such as: tools, hobbies, automotive, storage
  • Yes, you can have a junk box for those unknown keys are speaker wire
  • Look into installing cabinets or storage space​

You yard is begging for some landscaping defibrillators.

  • Concentrate on flushing out leaves, weeds, sticks and branches
  • Switch sides when raking to save your back
  • Make use of tarps to put yard debris on to keep it from flying all over the place​

The deck is man’s best friend.

  • Pick a new style stain or heavy duty paint with a protective finish
  • Don’t use bleach no matter how tempting tempting use a deck cleaning solution​
  • Breathe life back into your deck with a rinse and restrain

    These are just the top ways to help bring back the life of your home and yard that winter stole. After months of bitter cold, snow buried flower beds, and leave choked gutters it’s time to take back the home and enjoy the bountiful rays of sunshine that are heading your way!

    Next week we will be tackling the interior of your home with another sweet checklist, so subscribe to our blog or check us out on facebook for new and fun ways of keeping your valuables around for many years to come.