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5 Smart Insurance Resolutions For the New Year

insurance resolutionsYou are going to lose those extra 20 pounds, read more and drink 8 full glasses of water everyday, right? While those may be honorable and life enriching resolutions, where is the practicality in that? It’s time to think about 2015 in a different light. It’s time to set yourself up with goals and resolutions that not only matter but also save you money. Many look right past those insurance bills as a way to cut cost.

Life moves fast, changes happen almost every month and if your insurance doesn’t reflect those changes you could be paying too much or not enough to ensure the things that matter most.

Reassess Your Daily Activities

With gas prices dropping, are you driving that SUV more than usual? Are you close enough to walk to work and use your car less? Do you really need full coverage or will liability suffice? Talk with your Insurance agent (Architect) to discuss options you have.

Update your Inventory

With the passing of Christmas, we all receive plenty of fun gadgets, new clothing and household items. It’s important to document and update your possessions incase of theft or fire.

Add or Update Life Insurance

Even to this day, over 60% of people do not have life insurance. It’s mind blowing how individuals wont spend an extra $15 a month to ensure their family and future are taken care of in the event of an accident.

Cut Life Insurance Costs

Did you quit smoking this year? Lose weight? Come off any medications? All these can significantly help reduce the cost of life insurance and put a few bucks a month back into your pocket.

Put Your Insurance Savings to Work

What’s the point of saving money if you waste it on other things. Americans are some of the worst when it comes to saving money, so why not save the money you would have otherwise wasted on higher premiums and put it into a seperate savings account.

This could be your year. The year you dust off that bike, renew the gym pass and start stacking money away instead of pounds of fat. Actions are the only way to a better you and safer family. Contact your Insurance Architect today to see how much you can save