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5 Driving Laws Motorist Neglect To Follow

Driving lawsWe all have done it occasionally, but some drivers are habitual violators of laws that seem to be common sense to the rest of us. We know, some driving laws don’t make sense and even the speed limits these days seem to be lacking an update to match the newer, safer vehicles but nonetheless laws are put in place to protect us from ourselves.

Below are 5 driving laws people usually violate and usually do not even know they are breaking the law.

Passing A Stopped School Bus

This law, above all others, should be the most basic and common sense law there is but time and time again we see people passing stopped school busses. Some states have a bit of leniency when it comes to multiple lanes but the majority of states prohibit any vehicle passing a stopped school bus with blinking red lights.

Passing On The Shoulder

This is especially true for areas that have a plethora or one lane roads. It is a pain to come to a complete stop when someone is making a left hand turn across traffic, but passing on the should is against the law unless there is an extended passing lane marked specifically for this. From debris on the shoulder to oncoming traffic making a turn themselves; the possibility of causing an accident exponentially increase when passing a turning vehicle on a two lane road.

Forgetting The 2 Second Rule

Some say it’s the 3 second rule, others even claim a whopping 5 second rule but the principal is still the same; it’s an easy way to determine a safe driving distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. The two-second rule is useful as it can be applied to any speed. It is equivalent to one vehicle-length for every 5 mph of the current speed. The practice has been shown to dramatically reduce risk of collision, and also the severity of an accident should an accident occur. It also helps to avoid tailgating and road rage for all drivers.

Sitting In The Fast Lane


The lane all the way to the left is the passing lane. It is meant for cars that wish to move around a slower vehicle. It is not a sitting lane. It is not a cruising lane. By sitting in the “fast lane”, even if you are driving faster than other vehicles, you are still in fact breaking the law; even if most police officers don’t enforce it. Pass the vehicle(s) you intent to, then move back over in the cruising lane. People who sit in this lane cause accidents and even worse can anger drivers leading to road rage.

Texting And Driving

Not every state has made it illegal to text and drive, but the days are numbered for those who think they can multitask while driving 60mph. As each year passes, we find more and more ways of distracting ourselves from the task at hand. Driving a vehicle is a responsibility that requires our utmost respect and attention.

Driving Is a Privilege Not A Right

Yes, this isn’t a law, but many feel they have a right to be on the road. Over 2 million accidents occur each year with 33,000+ fatalities stemming from those accidents. If more people treated driving as a privilege and not as a right, imagine how many lives would be spared.

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