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4 Important Stats To Know Before Delmarva Bike Week

Delmarva Bike WeekDelmarva Bike Week is coming up September 11th-14th at 3 locations; Seacrets in Ocean City, MD, Winter Place Park & Arthur W Perdue Stadium in Salisbury, MD and Rommel Harley Davidson in Seaford, DE. It’s a great time of year to ride and to also enjoy the sights and sounds of the rolling thunder but for riders and observers alike the influx of 100,000 bikers on the road can cause some concerns.

We don’t want to put a downer on the weekend but there are some real statistics motorcyclists need to be aware of such as, per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists’ risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car. Morbid, we know, but a true eye opener and a necessary fact to understand before you head out on the open highway.
We want all riders to be safe and also enjoy the freedom a motorcycle can offer. Here are some tips to keep you, your bike and other commuters safe.

Proper Motorcycle maintenance WILL save your life and your bike.
Test lights, brakes, turn signals,
Check oil & fuel levels
Check cables not wore or frayed
Lube Chain
Tire pressure

Safety Gear may not be required in some states but trust us, it WILL save your life
DOT Helmet reduce risk of death by 37% (avoid skull caps or skid lids)
Wear leather or other durable material jackets
Protective gloves (if you fall, your instinct is to put your hands out)
Boots (be weary of steel toe boots, they reduce sensitivity when changing gear
Pants (usually made of the same material as the jackets

More than half of all fatal motorcycle crashes show alcohol involvement
Injury severity increases with speed, alcohol involvement and motorcycle size
BAC over 0.05 percent increases chances to crash 40 fold.

No matter how skilled of a rider you are, the risk is the same for all. Many motorcycles have an “inflated sense of control”, meaning that because of their years of experience and keen eye, they are far more unlikely to crash than a new rider. While experience is statically proven to help you make better decisions riding, it also makes you more complacent because this inflated sense on invulnerability leads to silly mistakes that have dire consequences. For the new riders, your risk is much higher. More than 80% of all first year riders lay their bike down, and 22% report an insurance claim within the first 30 days!

The real message here is, be vigilant in your riding. Brush up on safety and operating best practices. Young riders, take the safety course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and older riders, take a young rider under your wing and set a good example. Riding a bike is never going to be 100% safe, and perhaps that is part of the allure. As for other commuters on the road, 75% of all motorcycle accidents happen with other cars and trucks. Larger vehicles need to be extra careful when motorcycles are on the road; they fit in blind spots a little too well. Motorcycles have just as much right to be on the road as passanger vehicles.

Lets ALL be safe out there during Delmarva’s Bike week and all other weeks of the year. Allstate has some great programs to help in the event of a incicent. Give one of our Insurance Architects a call so we set up the perfect protection plan for you!