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4 Hazards To Beware Of As Winter Turns To Spring

Pot holesAs the temperature slowly begins to rise and the snow flakes turn to rain drops many exhale a sigh of relief knowing there is a light at the end of this cold, snowy tunnel. Though this may be a refreshing sign to most, it also can be the beginning of new headaches for others. Once the frosty white snow and ice begin to disappear the damaged it caused is suddenly revealed. Now, not all of the damage will be directly from the snow itself as it is more likely the damage came from trying to remove the snow and ice in order to keep roadways safe. Knowing where to look for damage is the first step.

Here are 4 hazards that may or may not be covered under your personal auto or homeowner’s insurance policy:

  • Flooding- As the snow slowly melts and the spring showers begin this could trigger a rise in rivers, creeks, and low lying areas causing a potential for flooding.
    While a standard home insurance policy covers water damage from sudden occurrences – such as burst pipes – it will not cover destruction related to spring floods. In this case, you would need to contact an Insurance Architect about adding flood insurance to your homeowners policy.
  • Pothole Damage – Drivers need to beware of potholes on the roadways. This time of the year many potholes begin to turn up on both main and secondary roads. These are usually caused from salt that was applied to help melt icy roads and the plows pushing snow off of the roads.

If you hit a pothole causing damage to your vehicle this would be covered as long as you have collision on your auto policy and would still be subject to your deductible. If you only have liability insurance you would be responsible to cover your damage out of pocket. Also, some municipalities will cover the damage of a bent rim due to unsafe roads. It is worth a call to find out what information you need in order to submit a claim. You can start a report here:
Maryland – http://www.treasurer.state.md.us/Insurance/Insurance-forms.aspx
Virginia – http://www.virginiadot.org/info/faq-potholes.asp
Delaware – Sorry, DE does not cover pothole damage

  • Rust damage – While driving on the roadways, during or after a winter storm, your vehicle is exposed to salt. Vehicles can be damaged by salt and it can cause the vehicles under bodies to rust. Rust from salt or rust in general is not covered under your auto insurance. This is would fall under general maintenance for the vehicle. The good news? Rust damage isn’t as much of a problem with newer cars as it was in the past. But to be on the safe side, we recommend thoroughly washing any vehicle that’s exposed to salt or other potentially corrosive substances now that spring has arrived.
  • Snow Plow Damage – Your vehicle or mailbox may be a victim of damage caused by a snow plow operated by your local state, county, or city government. Even though these workers help keep our roads safe; accidents do happen to personal property and homes. If you think a snowplow has accidentally damaged your home or personal property you should contact your local municipality who has a procedure in place for reimbursement. If it were your neighbor or private contractor who damaged your property with their snow removal equipment this would be covered under your neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance or if it was a business, under their business insurance policy. Not sure where to start? Contact an Insurance Architect today so we can help you.

Spring is a great time to review all of your insurance policies to make sure your auto, homeowners, boats, ATV’s, & travel trailers are properly covered. Our Insurance Architects are well versed in all types of coverage’s so you only pay for what you need.